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Monday, 1 March 2010

Again some precious Nuke Proof history

Some time ago i was contacted by someone, David B (full name known by me), a fellow Nuke Proof rider.
He bought the old Nuke Proof bike from John Muesnzenmeyer, the former president of Nuke Proof.
It's a very nice bike which was used by JM as a snowbike and therefore equipted with some very special Snowcat Rims.

That was not the last Nuke Proof he bought:
This is also a beauty,..i do not know what fork it has but it looks allot like the original add as shown below.
I think finding these bikes is the benefit of living in the area where it all began ;)

David also found some old press material and folders which i love:

and also some pictures from the out of this world Nuke Proof Reactor bikes

David, i want to thank you for sharing this great information, and we keep in touche

and for people who are looking for some spare NUKE PROOF parts, let me know by email: Basads@gmail.com
There are some parts left so we might be able to help you out

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