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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Stripping, getting naked

Today i have started the Serotta Project.
Now with de decals on it's way from the Serotta factory and the contact with a good painter (i have seen some work and that looks nice) i thought it was time to get myself some paintstripper and start stripping ;)

this was the reason for me that i wanted to get it repainted, the paint looked reasonably well but there were to many chips for my "building standard"

I bought some paint stripper from Alabastine.
Tested it first on a small part of the rear and it worked rather good.
I had to apply it thicker and longer then i first expected but i had time enough so that was no problem

The parts with the decals seemed to be thougher so had to be treated twice and a bit longer

after the paintstripper i used some Brillo wool to get clean the frame and remove the last spots and paintstripper remains
underneath the iconic orange paint a beautifully welded titanium frame came to the front.

and mentioned before : this is the color scheme i am going for :

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Dan O said...

Man - that paint stripper is nasty stuff.

I remember stripping a frame as a kid - powerful stuff.

Frame should look great in the new color.

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan,

yes the new color will be nice although i only get comments on the white color, that people like the orange better.
I like the orange also but i already have an orange bike, the Ibis Mojo, and don't want to bikes in the same color and next to that,..i have seen a modern Serotta in white and that looked amazing.

that paintstripper is indeed nasty stuff,..if you put it on you can hear it working,..