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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Meeting the guys

Last weekend I met the guys from the WORLDS event in September.

we had some things to discuss about the event and i have to say, it was a good one!
We also went around the track one time, condition (apart mine) was good, weather great.

The team: from left to right
Ed on his Independent (IF), Mel on his good old Koga, Roy on his bigwheel Groovy and I on the Fat Ti.
Neil,taking the picture, was on his E-stay Chas Roberts

the event is going to ROCK! big time!


Dan O said...

Looks like a fun group.

Too bad I couldn't be standing there as well on my Yo Eddy.

OLD-METAL said...

that's indeed to bad but in 2 years we will organise this same event in the US, i'll see you then on your Yo ;)

Dan O said...

Where in the US? Is there a location picked out?

I'd be interested in assisting with the event - depending on the location.

Would be fun.