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Saturday, 9 May 2009

OLD-METAL website

Next to the blog i am working on a website.
I hope to build this into a databank for retro mountainbikes untill <'95 but this will take a while and i have so much more to do then just this.
So for now it is only a homepage but i hope to build into a site which will be helpfull for the people who are interested in bikes like this.


Casper said...

Waar haal je de tijd vandaan?

I'm not a big fan of the mixed cApItOl LeTtErS though

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Casper,

i do not sleep that much ;)

i am going to change that letter thing, i thought it would look nice but it doesn't


ps: did you already register for the event in september?

Casper said...

No I didn't register because my bike doesn't meet the regislation (?)(Voldoet niet aan de eisen).

OLD-METAL said...

you want to borrow a bike? ;)

from what year is the DeKerf?

but if you are not riding along, i guess you are still paying a visit right?

Casper said...

I'll definately visit. Although there is a small change i'll enter with a NOS Cannondale M800 Beast of the East.

The Dekerf is a 2007 model. It's a team SST.



really curious about your upcoming website. Keep up the good work!

See you in the pit at OWMTBC.


Dan O said...

Good luck with the website. I'll get you the article we emailed about.

Attending the OWMTBC would be a gas, No way I can make that - would be cool though.

If interested, I just posted some info on my Bridgestone MB-Zip on my blog: