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Friday, 6 February 2009

Ritchey P(roject)20 TEAM WCS

I do not have much time to post right now but a small update; i received the Ritchey yesterday.
I had to clean it, was pretty dirty.
To be honest, i am not in love, it is a nice looking bike but there are so many ugly parts on the bike that it will take some replacing before i will start to like it, and if not, i am sure someone else will be.

I am really amazed that some people just put some parts on without looking at the composition
I started to take the barends off, replaced the cranks, changed the Stem, put another seatpost and seat on and locked the fork in the rigid position so it looks faster and the angle is better.
Today i will receive the rigid fork and that would make a big difference i think.
Updates will follow soon.

It now looks like this:


Dan O said...

This bike would be cool with a Ritchey rigid fork and Softride stem.

What do you think?

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan,

i just received an original (NOS) Ritchey Logic fork, with a new set of stickers.
That one will be painted the matching red colour.
The stem i do not like, i had that one years ago and hated the flex from side to side when you peddle standing up.

yesterday i sat on it for the first time,..very racy,..i thing this is a quick bike