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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Syncros jacket

I know , i know,...i have not been online for a long time,..
I won't bother you with the reasons but i hope to get some things on here from now on frequently again...

Yesterday i found some Syncros history ! :)


Dan O said...

I always thought those Syncro cranks looked great.

My neighbor just gave me a clean, old Giant ATX he had hanging in the garage. Nice Syncro seat post included.

I'm glad to see you blogging again. I hope you're doing well.

OLD-METAL said...

thanks Dan,

yes i am fine but really busy with a different focus, work related, and therefore i was not able to work on the blog.
But i am working on some next projects which i will put up real soon.

Yes Syncros is great.


Casper said...

You beat me with the jacket... Congrats though!

How is your custom ti project doing?

I've ordered mine and it'll be shipped on the 10th of march

As Dan O mentioned, I am happy to see you blogging again!

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Casper

which one did you go for?

my custom project has been delayed ,..i have bought a IWC instead.
And also i am in the middle of buying yet another Serotta
I might even consider to buy a new 29er custom Serotta as a project base



Casper said...

I ordered a custom Dekerf Implant Ti. perfect for long epic rides in the alpes, doing some xc over here and give it a little abuse in the Ardenne or Germany.

Which IWC did you buy? I love a nice watch but hate people who are looking at them during a conversation. I know I would exaclty the same thing and therefor I don't have one.

Is the Serotta you are going to buy a retrobike as well?

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Casper,

i bought a IWC pilot Spitfire chrono with BP strap and extra metal strap.

The serotta i am looing for right now is a 91 T-max in pink/yellow fade,..like new.

An extra DeKerf,.nice!
show me pictures when you have it