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Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Nuke Proof Carbon-titanium frame

Never seen one myself,..looks great if you ask me.

Should be called Carbon-Titanium-Aluminum exctually,..
3AL/2.5V Titanium tubes and Carbon wrapped 7075 T-6 Aluminium.
I wonder if it was a better riding frame then the Titanium or just a show-off option,..

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Anonymous said...

I thought nuke proof went out of business years ago... why do i keep seeing ads for the new (2008) nuke proff carbon fork?

ps. love my nuke proof ss.

OLD-METAL said...


Nuke Proof went out of business alright.
The new company who is making the Forks just bought the brand name and has nothing to do with the old brand/owners.

Please email me a picture of your NP.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

will post pic of the NP singlespeeed soon(purchased it from the former NP company owner via ebay several years ago... think it was a one-off prototype). Came with very cool custom made gravity theory btake levers!

OLD-METAL said...


please email me the pictures on basads@gmail.com sp i can put them on the Blog