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Monday, 14 September 2009

Looking for a new custom project; Titanium 29er

Hi Guys,

since a while i am thinking about getting myself an allround bike.
One that does it all.
I have to many bikes that are just to fragile, valuable or just to dear to me to use these hardcore offroad.

I have decided that i want to have myself a custom titanium 29er made;
It has to be the best of 3 worlds; Titanium, 29 and retro look and feel
My wish list :

- 29er titanium , butted
- Rigid
- Sloping frame
- not suspension corrected, i do not like the look of the enormous gap between frame and fork
- Disc brakes
- Rohloff rear hub
- Internal cable rooting
- Partial painted (baby blue)
- Jones bar
- Something different; builders own idea
Actually ,..i am looking for a Fat Chance Yo Eddy in 29" ;)

The builders I am thinking of:
- Kent Eriksen
- Groovy Cycleworks
- Serotta
- Black Sheep
- Steve Potts
- Vassago
- Jim Kish

The last one; Jim Kish , is my favourite
My good friend Aaron has one and i am totally impressed with Jim's work.
Check this one out, isn't it pretty?

Just to give you an idea what i like : here some example's


Dan O said...

All nice bikes pictured.

I've toyed (dreamed?) of having "one bike" and they look similar to what you listed. 29" wheels, rigid carbon fork, and drop bars.

Depending on tires, could use something like this for everything -road, commute, mountain bike and cyclocross. I've thought about doing it with the super light Niner aluminum frame - or their carbon model.

Would be a fun experiment.

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan,

what would be for you the reason to go for a certain frame/brand?


Neill said...

29ers are actually surprisingly good. I had my first ride on one a month ago and instantly you find yourself riding harder/faster than you normally do and soaking up the terrain along the way :-)

Casper said...

Hi Bas,

I sent out a couple of mails as well and told them (Sycip, Potts, Kent...) about my current stable. I told them what I liked and dislikedin my bikes.

The question I asked them was if they could come up with a bike that could combine these characteristics into one.

None of them could unfortunately. So I have to come up with the angles and stuff like that but I want them to advice me on this as they are the professionals.

I'll let it rest for now and decide what bike I like best.

I'll be happy to follow this tread though!

OLD-METAL said...

that sounds great Casper
Did you ask Jim Kish aswell?

Stylus said...

great idea but i was wondering do you have any (day to day) experience riding a 29"?

OLD-METAL said...

No i do not have any experience riding it daily.
I have tried it couple of times and, but only for short periods.

Stylus said...

OK, wondering what the fuss is all about ;-)
Sick wish list anyway, this one will tick a lot of boxes, I'm curious to see what this bike is gonna look like!

ced said...

you may want to check out carl strong : http://www.strongframes.com/