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Saturday, 6 June 2009

3 Titanium frames

But so different!

The bikes are:
- Serotta TiMax
- Fat Chance Titanium
- Nuke Proof
It shows the different philosophies form the builders
Serotta uses the oval tubing which is spectacular and extremely light
Fat Chance uses the external butted tubes with the amazing welded tubes
Nuke Proof is uber rare and build to climb hills so fast like a raped ape up the tree,..tubing is thicker then the other 2 build build to last

Also it is nice to see that they use different styles of cable routing:
Serotta -> rear brake on the left side of the top tube, shift cables on each side of the down tube and uses a down pull front derrailleur
Fat Chance-> All cables on the right side of the top tube with a cable re-router for the Front Derrailleur so it uses a down pull
Nuke Proof -> Shift Cables on the right side of the top tube , rear brake on the left side and a top pull front derrailleur

Rear stay
Serotta -> rather normal without a canti-bridge: they use the seatclamp for that
Fat Chance -> Mono stay with a nice cable canti stop ontop of it
Nuke Proof -> their stay is higher then the top tube

and here are some more pictures

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Dan O said...

That's some line up.

I'll take the Fat - hands down.

Or maybe the Serotta.....

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan,


they have all 3 their own special details
I have a soft spot for the Serotta branded bikes, i like Ben, he is a nice guy.
The Fat Chance is a great build,...and a dream bike
The Nuke Proof is for the GF ;)