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Monday, 16 March 2009

Vette Shit!

That is dutch for Way cool,..but different

I am amazed by the tubing and when i find some time later this week i will make some nice details shots, the frame is gorgeous!


Casper said...

That's a nice stable!

OLD-METAL said...

Thanks Casper,

did you see the DeKerf on Marktplaats which is for sale?

Dan O said...

"Vette Shit!"

Shit seems to have a very different english meaning...

The new Fat looks great. You have an incredible collection of cool bikes.

tristan said...

Hi, I have some old Hope titanium hubs I'd like to talk to you about...can you email me, tristan@wheelworks.co.nz

Cheers, Tristan

Casper said...

Thanks Bas,

I was looking for something cool for my GF. I placed a bid. Let's see how it goes.

Casper said...

Hi Bas,

He deleted all the bids. I asked him what he would consider reasonable but he couldn't tell. I've mailed him this morning asking him again if he could give me a BINish. Haven't heard from him yet.

What would you do?


OLD-METAL said...

I was notified also because i made him a bid also, the second one.
There is a bid on right now for 1500 , which has to be one of his own i guess, i do not think anyone would offer that through marktplaats without having seen the bike.
And that would be to much if you ask me for a bike in that size, it is commercial not a good size, but perfect for a GF ;)

i would wait for an answer , if not, leave it.
I was offered a NOS Softtail, and bought it but the seller backed out, last month for 400 euro so 1500 is way to much.


Casper said...

Hmm Funny... The Rhb802 guy is the same that offered € 275...

Count me out then! Back to the Cotic plan!

OLD-METAL said...

DrS just bought a Cotic
he is very pleased with it.

can't imagine that he jumps from 275 to 1500 ,..doesn't make senze